Vasquez Rocks Engagement// Santa Clarita, CA

Vasquez Rocks

Portia and Jordan decided on a Vasquez Rocks engagement session and I could not be more in awe.

I also want to congratulate them for being my first couple to book their engagement session after their wedding date (hi Covid).

The shoot

They were willing to hop a fence when we mistakenly thought the park could be closed and they offered me a shot of mezcal, that resulted in my menstrual cramps magically disappearing for the rest of the day.

We talked about the things we would buy if we were rich (like food chefs and G wagons) and discussed how the women on Netflix’s Selling Sunset can be so mean.

But above all, we just laughed. I ordered them around, they didn’t really listen, but sometimes did, and this is the result.

I want to thank Brendan from my local camera store for sending this infectiously lovable couple my way. They are the type I would follow out of a grocery store to ask to shoot so thanks for saving me from having do so on one. ❤️

Wanna book a session here?

If you want your own Vasquez Rocks engagement session, let’s do it! I’m your photographer and lucky for you, I know Vasquez Rocks like the back of my hand. Heck, they should give me my own parking spot.

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