Orange County Maternity

Our friendship before maternity

It’s hard to process myself documenting this beautiful lady’s second maternity session. I met Paulette at 19 years old… and we grew up together. I only say this because we were both extremely childish at heart through our 20’s and made a lot of dumb decisions together; Like took wrong turns while driving that landed us on college campus walking paths, spent our tip money on four lokos and chain smoked camel crushes to our little lungs’ desire..

This is 30. We’ve cleaned up, quit the cigs, treat our bodies with better care, and here she is carrying her second baby. 

I hold this shoot so close to my heart. This is my best friend OF ALL TIME you guys, and I just wanted to document the beauty of being pregnant in the comfort of home. I wanted to photograph some skin, but not make it trashy. There is a fine line, and it mustn’t be crossed.

Shout out to Maria for making Paulette look so naturally beautiful (as she already is) and for taking the involuntary role of babysitter/ dog watcher.

And thank you Matt for being the easy-going “I’ll do what you say and I trust you” husband. You make my job so easy.

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