It's that cant eat, cant sleep, reach for the stars, over the fence, World Series kind of stuff

Southern CA and Beyond

Wedding & Elopement Photographer

real emotion
timeless moments
a damn good time 

Here to capture the vulnerable, the honest, and the in love. Not here to capture what's trending this year or what your future mother in law wants. If you're here to live out the best days of your life, then I'm here to document it. Let's be friends, put your life into pictures and make keepsakes for those dear to follow.

Photos for the Future Nostalgic

The basis of who I am and what I do.
I remember being in my Photo 1 class struggling to create something from scratch. I felt defeated yet I would drive home, be with my Dad and just take these heart-wrenching portraits of him as he lived out his final days of life. It was then that I realized- art can be a creation that transpires from an idea but it could also be what's already in front of us-happening in the moment. The portrait of my Dad hangs on my living room wall today- and it's my favorite piece of work. This is my art and what I believe to be the start of what is now my business.

Brazilian born in the USA. Mom. Photographer. Marathon Runner. Crime-TV freak. I value human connection, capturing moments that would otherwise go unnoticed and photos that will take you back. I also value a freshly-made bed, cloudy days, and a door held open for me when carrying a carseat.


art doesn't need to be a creation that transpires from an idea

art can just be what's already in front of us-happening in the moment

"Bottom line- Michelle is a magician with a camera!"

"hands down- our favorite wedding vendor we booked."

"The best photographer in CA- heck, probably the world."

"Our pictures are a priceless treasure that will stay with us forever."

"Felt like we knew her for years!"

"Aside from a our wedding photographer, we found a friend in her and for that we are so thankful."

"I get overwhelmed looking at our pictures. They're just absolutely perfect. I cannot thank her enough for how much they mean."

let's do this thing