Redondo Beach Harbor Elopement

Redondo Beach Harbor

No-one should have to plan their wedding three times but this girl did. Leslie and John were originally going to marry in Orange County with a 150 guest count, but then made the decision to elope at San Francisco City Hall (hello bucket list). Then COVID-19 came along and here we are… on their friend’s sailboat having a Redondo Beach Harbor Elopement. There was stress and some pain but all for a bigger gain. They could not have done it better, in my own personal opinion of things.

Word about the year

A pandemic entering 2020 has knocked many brides off their feet. Hello to my 30 brides it’s affected and to my sister (originally an August 2020 bride). Take everything that comes your way as a challenge that you will overcome. If you lost some money along the way too, know that everyone has and you’re not alone. From a wedding vendor and hopefully your friend, I am telling you that you can still have your dream wedding and be happy. Hoping this blog post is enough proof for you. Doesn’t Leslie and John look so happy? Wipe them tears and control your fears. IT WILL BE OKAY.

Shout out to all the amazing vendors I had the opportunity to work with from a social distance. Thank you Geoff and Emily for lending your boat and being great captains and thank you Leslie and John for keeping me around from Point A to Point C. This Redondo Beach Elopement could not have been anymore epic. If you’re planning your own elopement, or even considering having one on a boat, contact me here!


Florist: J Flowers Redondo Beach

Hair: David Dang

Make-Up: Delaney Cook

Videography: Hoo Films

Bakery: Mad Cakes Baking Co.

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