At-Home Session// Los Angeles, CA

At-Home Session

This at-home session is a testament to the value of your home based purely off of you living and breathing in it, and why I believe it should be documented, then printed or thrown onto a hard drive to save and look back on forever.

Why should we shoot at home?

We want to remember the places we once called home, be that simple tiny apartment or family house before the kids grew up. The way we looked at that time of our life, the guests we had over, the holes in the walls, and never quite finished treehouse out back. Pieces of ourselves are left in these homes that never fail to call us back to that house, road or city, long after we sell and venture on.

An at-home session is not like shooting outside. Because it’s not about the mountain view, or the endless fields of gold, but rather the small, sometimes plain and mediocre rooms in which we live and love in.

These rooms carry the laughs, cries, frustration, anger, madness of any relationship and that energy transpires into something so personal and intimate, it’s impossible to be reproduced in a national park, or someplace just pretty.

This is just a reminder to those who search far and wide for that perfect place to shoot with your loved one. Sometimes, you’re already in it.


I also don’t mean to refer to Ashley and T.J.’s house as mediocre at all, because theirs is an exception. It’s beautiful and I want to move in and lay down in every nook of this house, while Ashley works on my own. She needs to quit her day job and get into that interior design life. If this were an airbnb, I would never leave.

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