Santa Barbara Courthouse Elopement

Santa Barbara Courthouse is the prettiest courthouse in Southern California for an elopement. Period. This is also coming from someone who has shot elopements in quite a few courthouses. None come close to this.

It’s been a tough year for all 2020 brides with weddings getting either postponed or cancelled. With city and state regulations changing every week, it’s hard to maneuver when and where to tie the knot.

Most of my clients don’t want to wait and elopements have become the best option during these uncertain times.

Bri and Jesse

They asked me to shoot their Santa Barbara Courthouse elopement one week prior. Close to home, (I grew up in Ventura), it was nice to get out of smog city and hop on the PCH to breathe in the ocean air. Taking their pictures meant that I would be their witness, (as you can only have one during Covid). So here I am, for the third time this summer, signing my clients’ marriage documents.

“Document it all” they said for their Santa Barbara Courthouse elopement

From the pretty Spanish architecture to the hand sanitizer, to the stick the clerk used to hand documents to them through a plastic screen. Covid will be beat, and when it does, these pictures are what we will have to show our future children.

It also shows that despite the hard times, it’s okay to still get dressed up, put on a cute mask, and marry the one you love. Wear a mask, but make it fashion. Get eloped, but be a model like Bri and Jesse while doing it.

So thankful for this opportunity to document history and love in 2020. Elopements are different this year, but there is still beauty and a story to tell in each one and I’m here for it.

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