Nashville, TN Maternity

Talented AF singer, very pregnant woman and greatest role model of my life.

We go back further than this at-home maternity session in Nashville. Rewind back some 10 years and Amie has taught me to be the grown woman I am today. But really.

It started with her teaching me how to be a bartender- but little did I know what a great classroom a bar could be! Nothing like cutting off sloppy mean drunks with declined visas to learn first lessons of respect… let alone some self-worth. 

Next came lessons of reading thru bulls$&;, (as my 20’s were filled with that) and learning how to still have fun with nothing (we were all broke). 

She also never judged me the multiple times I’ve peed in my pants because I never made it QUITE to the bathroom, nor for any of my past relationships… even when I could hear her say DONT DO IT. Instead- it was always that she could relate or that she’s BEEN THERE. And for little reasons like these I can see and call Amie a big sister. Thank you for being a big part of who 31 Michelle now is.

So here we are.

From slinging back whiskey to now watching you take your prenatal vitamins- lol I love you. 

Thanks for flying me to Nashville, feeding me a wheel of cheese and letting me stand awkwardly above your big belly and half naked man (love you too Nick) for pictures. 

Hope these will be a keepsake in your home for years to come, and inspire more Nashville maternity sessions on Google (so I have another reason to come visit).

These are $$$ and I miss you already.

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