Luce on Kettner Wedding// San Diego, CA

The Venue

Little Italy’s first dedicated event space in San Diego, Luce on Kettner is a hidden gem for the modern couple. Historic concrete walls with skylights throughout- it’s a versatile open space for the contemporary wedding. Honored to be one of the first few wedding photographers for it’s opening is an understatement.

Nika and Stephan

They love to party and they’re a no BS-let’s just have fun type of people. Another couple to plan their wedding in the midst of a pandemic but you would never know. They danced with the idea of postponing, but in the end everything came together as planned. They went with the flow, stayed calm, probably had a few shots in between and had the most epic wedding day party.

There are weddings where the energy is on a fine line of being tangible and that was at Nika and Stephan’s. Everyone there WANTED Nika and Stephan married. Each family member and friend within wedding party was applauded as they walked down aisle and tears were rolling down cheeks. Felt like a long-awaited wedding that should have been done in 1999.

I could get emotional myself thinking back to this day and no- it’s not because I’m currently pregnant and my hormones are running wild. It was just one of those weddings that justified spending a lot of time and money into one day, because all those present needed to be a witness of the best kinda love. 2020 may have been hard, but the GOOD things followed.

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