Joshua Tree Elopement

In the midst of chaos and uncertainty that 2020 has brought us all, this Joshua Tree elopement is a testament that you can still have it your way and tie the knot when you want. Just because your venue/vendors are telling you no, doesn’t mean you cant run off to the desert and still make a ceremony happen.

How we met

I know a super awesome employee at Samy’s Camera named Brendan, who acquainted me with Portia and Jordan.

Brendan is a bar regular at Jordan’s work (Hyperion Republic in Silverlake), which is where he threw my name in the loop of things when the engagement was announced.

Meeting Portia and Jordan for the first time, I just remember I wanted to be their friend… like immediately. I offered an engagement shoot just to get them in front of my camera sooner (which can be seen here)! Their faces also graced this Last Bookstore engagement. Basically, they went from strangers, to friends, to my muses within weeks.

The Elopement

Due to the pandemic and having to postpone their wedding until 2021, they decided to still tie the knot within 2020.

“There’s just no knowing of when things will be back to normal and at this point I’ve been waiting nearly 8 years to marry this dummy.” – Portia

With their closest friends by their side, a photographer (me), a zoom chat, and an airbnb in Joshua Tree, they did the damn thing.

So honored to have been there and for the new friends that have been made. Perks of the job.

Check out a Joshua Tree engagement here! 🙂

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