Vasquez Rocks Elopement// Santa Clarita, CA

Vasquez Rocks Elopement

This story is sure to hit close to the heart. I met Sara my second semester at Santa Monica College in a black and white film photography class. An unbelievably talented artist and genuine soul, she is a friend you keep near and someone I had wanted to shoot for some time coming. This shoot happened to be the one- and as bittersweet as it was, I am so happy to have been able to gift this to Vasquez Rocks elopement shoot to them.

Sara and Latif shortly prior to this session lost ALL of their belongings (including their wedding photos and rings) in a house fire. As optimistic as they both were throughout this healing process and restart, photos are precious, so we came together to reshoot their wedding photos.

The Surprise

Latif did not know that Sara remade his wedding ring and saved it for this session to present it to him. Scroll down to see his reaction- absolutely priceless.

We can’t control what life throws at us, but we can almost make the best of it. I am extremely proud of this day, the vendors that came together to create and the photos that can hopefully help move on with. I don’t know what Sara and Latif’s original photos looked like, but imm say “these turned out pretty damn good.” We did well.


Dress: Dreamers and Lovers

Make-Up: Luz Beauty

Flowers: J Flowers

Ring: Maggi Simpkins

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