Topanga Canyon Elopement

Topanga Canyon Elopement

When Clare and Rudy had hopes of eloping with just the two of them, photographer and officiant present- an airbnb was my immediate suggestion. I told them to find an area or city that they love, and from there look for an airbnb that is picture/vibe worthy- inside and out. Is Topanga Canyon not the perfect location for an elopement? Close to LA but hidden within the Santa Mountains mountains, this hippie but chic town is ideal for any elopement with that nature/ woodsy feel.

The Couple

Clare and Rudy initially met online, but it wasn’t until they ran into each other at a bar that their relationship blossomed. Engaged since 2018 and just trying to navigate wedding planning during COVID times, they ultimately decided to marry just the two of them in Topanga Canyon.

I LIVE for these intimate elopements and honored to have been not only their photographer, but witness as well.


House: Airbnb

Officiant: Officiant of Love

Dress: BHLDN

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