Malibu engagement

Malibu engagement

Orange Blossom Malibu Engagement

This magical Malibu engagement session in the orange blossom fields is one to blog! Too many good photos, not enough to fit into one instagram post- so here we are. SITE-WORTHY.

Amanda and Edan

They met in a coffee shop in Malibu. Edan was the barista, Amanda a customer. They locked eyes, shared a few words and it wasn’t until once Amanda left that she determined to find out who Edan was. She searched through the coffee shops’ instagram to find any pictures of Edan and she finally found him. They reconnected and 5 years later here we are in this field preparing for their wedding day next month.

Their love story is serendipitous and it was an honor for me to capture their Malibu engagement. The way they looked at each other, laughed and played in the fields was so candid and genuine. It’s obvious they were meant to be together.

As a photographer, I love capturing vulnerable love stories like Amanda and Edan’s. It’s not just about taking pretty pictures, but about telling their unique story through a timeline of moments and feelings. Just something that makes photography so special to me.

Can’t wait for July you guys!

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