About 10 miles north of Santa Cruz, you will find this magical lodge in the middle of the Redwoods. I still cant even fathom how lucky I am to have shot this wedding. The location was stunning, the family was beautiful, and there were countless DIY’s. Aly and Mitch’s wedding bands were out of wood from the trees of both their wedding location and where they got engaged in Yosemite. The lace around Aly’s bouquet came from her mother’s wedding dress. Cinnamon rolls were homemade. How does the mother of the bride have time to make CINNAMON ROLLS when she practically set up the entire wedding with the rest of the family?

There really weren’t vendors. Just me and catering. The family WERE the vendors, paid with Bailey’s and hot chocolate (Aly and Mitch’s favorite), cannoli, hugs, and blankets. The wedding coordinator was a very organized good friend. The DJ was Aly and Mitch’s curated playlist from a MacBook. The make-up and hair stylists were the bridesmaids. Basically, what I’m trying to say is, I know which family to adopt for my own wedding.

Enjoy this wedding made with love and lots of free hands.

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Venue: Slow Coast Lodge
Catering: Holy Cannoli
Dress: BHLDN