Temescal Canyon Engagement// Harene+Charly// Pacific Palisades, CA

So much fun in Pacific Palisades, shooting this Temescal Canyon Engagement 🙂

Temescal Canyon is known for its challenging hikes and breath-taking views of the Pacific Coast. Two lovers of the outdoors and everything camping-related, I think Harene and Charly picked the perfect engagement shoot location. I also love their casual look with Charly’s last name on matching sweatshirts that read “Camp Melikidse.” Nice touch you guys!

It felt like we had the park to ourselves and there was so much variety to this shoot!

Between writing our own parking passes (pay machine was out of paper), and telling Charly to pick Harene up every 10 minutes, it was a fun day in the park. They also gave me a custom candle at the end of the shoot that read “Michelle, Let’s Get Lit.” My kind of couple.

If you love lots of green and trees for your engagement shoot, I highly recommend checking out Temescal Canyon for your engagement.

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