Carpinteria, CA Family Portrait // Emily and Drake//

I met Emily at church in the 3rd grade. We grew up attending bible studies, youth group, summer camp, mission trips, the whole nine yards. Like what happened with most of my childhood friends though, we lost touch after graduating high school. Fast forward 11 years, here we are out in a field  with her beautiful baby boy and husband, and her mom and dad with helping hands.

I love what I do because of days like these. I was able to reconnect with such an old friend and document a day of their life, as it is now.

To not get too sentimental, but keeping it real, this day was also the last time I heard my father’s voice and felt his embrace. Before this shoot, I spent the whole afternoon with him watching “Like Father” on Netflix (I could tell he was bored) AND he enjoyed telling me how great morphine is and how they better have some in heaven or he doesn’t want to go. We laughed, I let him hold my brand new  Canon 70-200 lens which he said “weighs more than a baby” and I then I said goodbye, like it was any other day. Now, looking back, what a goddamn beautiful day it was and these photos are now a constant reminder of that.

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