A few weeks ago I went to capture Magaly and Jordan’s maternity shoot in Joshua Tree. My car had broken down the day before, so I drove the hundred miles from Los Angeles to the vast desert in a bright blue, ugly, Nissan rental.

I will never forgot the day that Magaly told me she was pregnant. We were shooting a wedding together in Van Nuys and she pulled me aside to say, “This may be a good time to tell you about my condition.” My heart stopped. She’s like 25. What kind of condition can she have and why is she telling me now, in the middle of a wedding. “I’m pregnant,” she said. “If you have any second shooter opportunities coming up, I could really use it.” That was the day I smacked my second shooter for giving me an unnecessary heart attack.

In all honesty, I love this girl. Magaly has been by my side multiple times in this crazy business and her eye for photography is beautiful. You can find her work here. She is also a good listener, thoughtful, and calm; all the traits every good photographer and mother would need.

Enjoy this desert shoot. It’s what I like to think as the calm before the storm. Baby is coming.